5 Game-Changing Body Products

The Belle Brush

This new, hair-loving brush, was made in Ireland by Nancy Belle. The brush is made from soft, nylon bristles that don’t pull on your hair when brushing through the tangles. There are multiple layers of bristles and the brush is ventilated for blowdrying and curved for comfort. It just feels so good on my head!

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Clinical Strength Deodorant 

In the heavy summer heat that blankets Manhattan at this time of year, I call on all I can find to eliminate the sweats and cool my body down. I read a lot of reviews on these deodorants before making the $11 plunge (wow, I know), but honestly, TMI but I’ve had dry underarms anytime I wear this. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Cocoa Brown Fresh Start Self Tan Eraser

This is the product we’ve all wished and waited for. I’m not quite sure how this foamy magic works to remove snakeskin fake tan but I don’t think I need to know. Apply it for 5-10 mins before you shower and you’ll see your once beautiful fake tan run swiftly down the drain. While it may take more than one application (and a nice encouraging scrub during the shower) to remove all your tan, this product does work.

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Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips

I know these have been around forever but I often forget to use them! I bought a new box recently and realized again just how good they are. If it’s your first time to use them, I suggest sticking to it everyday to realy bring up a noticeable difference on your teeth. I’ve had my teeth whitened once or twice and these have always been helpful in-between visits. They have a bunch of newer products now which I definitely want to try too. Always love supporting Irish women.

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Billie Razors

Brands like Billie and Flamingo have filled a huge gap in the market. I’ve spent the last decade buying Venus razors which are SO EXPENSIVE like why. So, Billie is a subscription service where 4 x razor blades cost $9! SIGN ME UP, am I right?! You can alter your deliveries too, depending on how much you shave. Choose your razor blade refill to arrive every one, two or three months. Bill, you genius.

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