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The Wisdom of Sunday’s By Oprah Winfrey

If Oprah says it, it must be right, right?

I follow in awe of this woman’s journey and absorb any essence of her being I can grasp from her online content.  When I spotted she had released a new book (just in time for Christmas) I investigated further.

Each of the ten chapters in The Wisdom of Sunday’s represents a step in Oprah’s spiritual journey. in which she invites thoughtful leaders and visionaries such as Tony Robbins and Eckart Tolle to contribute to the meaningful emotional conversations. If you’ve read The Secret or The Power Of Now, you’ll like this one too.

The book is bound in a hardback timeless keepsake and retails for less than €20. I always buy on for the cheapest deals and free shipping.

The Crafty Mummy’s Neckpieces

I am always cheering this designer on, purely because she puts her heart into everything she creates. Kasia from BeOrKNOTToBe creates beautiful necklaces and accessories by hand. She has a thriving Facebook page with a community of design lovers and crafters. This woman has made a living out of creating products with her own two hands!

This beautiful statement necklace is just $14.58 on her Etsy store. Don’t forget to browse her Facebook page too!

Tipsy Elves have a ton of fun, Christmas outfits but I thought this shirt hit the nail on the head. For any cheeky brothers or boyfriends with a chip on their shoulder, this “Zero Lucks Given” will be a perfect fit!


The experts say we must always write down our dreams to bring us one step closer to them. Sounds like a plan. January 2018 wouldn’t be a true New Year without a bucket list of plans for the best year ever.

The MY BUCKET LIST makes for a special journal that will help you map out your dreams. It includes a Bucket list of 101 blank items,  inspiring interviews with successful high profiles, space to insert pictures, inspiring quotes, beautiful photography from around the world, a world map, before and summary pages. Along with other amazing goodies, the MY BUCKET LIST is available on €36.35.

Chupi Farthing Gold Coin Necklace

I am oolging over this necklace by Chupi. “Cast from an original Irish farthing coin from the 1940’s that Chupi found in her grandmother’s sewing box, this is a little reminder you are worth your weight in gold.”


Chupi tells us that first Irish coins were designed by a committee headed by the legendary poet W.B. Yeats. This coin was inspired by Irish wildlife, featuring a Woodcock, one of the most common birds in the West of Ireland.

Not only is this piece a beautiful symbol and reminder of Irish history, it’s also handmade by Chupi herself. Very special! Buy online or visit their Dublin store – €149

An Acupressure Mat

I stepped on one of these mats about 7-8 years ago in my favorite store in the world, Harrods. Those white spots are SPIKES that do hurt for about 0.01 of a second but once you relax, the tingling feeling gives you a high. Not only that, these mats are used to relieve tension, muscle knots, help with fatigue and even anxiety.

I’ve gotten acupuncture for years and completely swear by it. I 100% believe in the science behind pressure points on your body.  For any fitness lover, yoga go-er or wellness advocate this is the perfect gift.

S’well Water Bottle

Swell bottles and similar brands are all the rave in NYC. Sunday isn’t Sunday in the city until you see a Victoria’s Secret lookalike model with their yoga mat and a Swell bottle. And rightly so, how stylish can a water bottle get?

The story behind Swell is quite interesting (click here if you want to read more) but it is the fastest growing woman-owned company in the country!

Kate Spade Stationary

I just love stationary. Like, a lot. I wish I spent more time actually writing than I do but nonetheless, for those days when a pen and paper is needed,  it doesn’t get any cuter than Kate Spade. Available for $36 on 

Vogue Magazine Subscription

Why? Because they are as cheap as chips right now and who doesn’t enjoy a gift you can receive 12 times over? Get yours here today for just $10.

Chip and Mrs.Potts

And last, but definitely not least; Chip cup and Mrs.Potts! Considering how fast the Chip mug flew out of Penneys and how popular the new Beauty and the Beast movie was, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this is the best gift ever.

Available on for just €35. WANT, WANT, WANT!

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