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How A Year in New York Changed Me Forever

I remember writing my farewell blog post like it was yesterday. So excited, so eager and so happy to be finally moving to the “City of Dreams.”  On the first flight from Dublin to London, I cried all the tears that were left in my body.

I cannot believe it has been a year. WHERE DID THE TIME GO? I want to know who stole it! A year is definitely not a long period of time, especially when you go through what I have gone through in the last year. Nothing seems real and life just melts past you and makes you almost numb. NYC takes you from feeling numb to feeling like you can do anything at all. That rollercoaster ride of emotions plays on your soul and causes wear and tear.

Nonetheless, I am so grateful for any lessons I have learned and truly believe I will never be that same girl I was waving goodbye in the airport on November 5th, 2016.

Feeling Alone But Not Lonely

Travel allowed me to become entirely independent, and that was the most liberating feeling in the world. Although many would worry about becoming lonely moving to another continent without knowing a single soul*, I haven’t felt lonely at all.

I have always loved being by myself and in this city, there is always something to do. The feeling of being truly alone is one you can only experience when you move abroad. It is a true opportunity to become alone for the first time.

This Is What Fast Is

I’ve learned how fast life can really be. The day’s mold into one and weeks and months become unseparated. New York is the fastest city in the world. The one thing I crave about home is the pace of life, even if it did bore me.

I’ve Been Introduced To Myself

Being alone in a country, setting up a new home with new friends and a new job means you’re constantly making first impressions. This past year has been about first impressions for me. Interviews, jobs, roommates, friends, friends of friends, co-workers…the list goes on. Even my laundry lady has started to conversate with me. Without any safety net of the “people who know me”, you’re betting on making a lasting impression on those who don’t know.

When I met everyone for the first time and developed relationships from there, I realized what resonated with people the most about me. Judging their reactions, I learned more about my personality that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

I Realize What Matters To Me

When times got tough, you realize that if this whole “moving to another country” thing doesn’t work out, you have everything you truly need. My family and friends back home and an education behind me. I learned very early on that if I go home in the morning, and give up New York City forever, I can pick myself back up again and continue on. Those things that really matter have never left me.

I Feel As Though I Accomplished Something

I conquered my fears slowly, one by one, and realized that I could handle a lot more than I thought I ever could.

I have never loved a city as much as I love New York but trust me when I say there are days when the craving of being back home is something you would sell your soul for. Riding through those days and looking back a year later makes me pretty proud of my own strength.

I’m More Positive For The Possibility Of The Future

I’m living a life I always dreamed of. Trust me, I have thought this all through back when I worked at McDonald’s. Now that I have seen what it took to make it become a reality, I believe in the possibility of more and more and more.


I found this piece online and it finishes off this blog post better than my own words can describe…

PS: Shoutout to all the amazing Irish girls who are living in the Big Apple too. I know I am never far away from a message/snapchat from you all – we’re all in this together!


*Thanks to the today’s technology, I did have some “internet friends”

6 thoughts on “How A Year in New York Changed Me Forever

  1. Fantastic review of a year in the life of Stephanie, a very brave girl, who had a dream and is now making it a reality. Well done Steph.xx

  2. I have read your posts for awhile and think you are doing amazing. Well done on taking a risk and following your dreams. Like any good adventure there will be ups and downs, twists and turns and when it’s finished you will look back and think Wow what a ride!!!

  3. Hi Stephanie, lovely blog, and so well written, takes a lot of courage to uproot yourself and start a new life, and thanks for sharing. I was in NY a lifetime ago for 6 months and loved the place and only regret never been back in 29 years. Live the dream

  4. Well done Stephanie. You should be so proud of yourself. Love reading your blog. I have been following you since the start and look forward to your future posts.

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