How I Stay Motivated and Energized

One frequently asked question I get is how do I keep up with early mornings and long, long days. I work about around 11 – 14 hour days, go to the gym six times a week, maintain my blog and social media and seem to fit catching up with my friends and exploring the streets of NYC in there too.

Truth be told, it doesn’t come easy to me. I have always suffered with fatigue and with hypothyroidism, life can seem very ‘heavy’ at times. I’ve learned how to combat tiredness and maintain a good level of motivation to keep me going when I really don’t want to.

Anyone who follows me knows I am all about achieving goals and working really hard, so I wanted to share some advice that I have found to be helpful for me.

But, before reading any further, you really have to ask yourself “how bad do I want it?”…whatever “it” is. Because reading this without a focused mind would be like trying to sell shoes to a snake.

Make a bedtime for yourself and stick to it

Waking up every day with heavy eyes is no way to live. How can you make the best out of your day if you can’t even discipline yourself to go to sleep early enough? We require at least 8 hours sleep a day and the sooner you get into that habit, the more energy and motivation you will have. It’s very simple to know and understand that your output the next day is hindered by late nights, just because you wanted to scroll through Instagram one more time.

Workout at least 2-3 times a week

It’s not about being an athlete or even being a gym bunny, it’s just about doing something. Walking is a basic human function and not included! Get moving. Exercise strengthens the circulation in the heart muscle, and in return will improve energy levels. Scientists have concluded that one of the best ways to beat fatigue and boost energy is to exercise more, not less.

Embrace the beneficial media

Every morning, I listen to motivational videos on YouTube and I don’t care how cheesy it is! You’re either into it or not, but here are some of my favorites:

Eat (kind of) well

You don’t need to live off spinach leaves and grilled chicken but you do have to put into your body what you expect to get out of it. Fill it with lively food and you will get more life out of your body.

Do things that relieve your stress

I constantly play tug of war with myself when it comes to actually enjoying activities unrelated to work. I am reluctant to let-go because I feel as though ‘having fun’ can often hinder my progress. Truth be told, there are benefits to be found in these activities that, in the long run, actually are contributing to a better quality of work.

Laughing is one of the most stress relieving activities we can do. My friends make me laugh, watching trash TV and going to the gym takes my mind off things for a while. Whatever it may be, allow yourself some time off knowing you have enough disipline to return back to work.


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