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My NYC job and How I Spend My Weekends in the City

As the weeks pass by, I am astounded at how quickly time is flying here in New York. Realizing I left Ireland over three months ago is really crazy to think about.

No two days are the same, every single moment outside of my the walls of my cosy apartment is an opportunity for something to happen. Although I find myself intertwined amongst the fast paced environment I am submersed in daily, I often part with a small few moments of my day to acknowledge how friggin’ great it all really is.

SO many of you have asked me where to go, what to do, what to see and where to stay and honestly, I don’t have the answers. I am really trying to find my feet still and I know it’s often thrown around a lot, but New York really is a mammoth city. I’ll get there though, so please stay tuned and if it strikes you, send me a quick Snapchat and I’ll do my best to respond there and then.

Also, most of you are asking about what the heck I am doing here. Well, to put it simply, I do social media management for a handful of high-end, luxury brands. I write content, make ads and build strategies to help build and grow their online presence.

Working in a marketing agency in downtown Manhattan is definitely a far cry from anything I have experienced in Dublin but I feel as though I have been at college for a year, considering the amount of stuff I have learned since taking on a new role.

I was lucky to get the opportunity before I left Ireland so, as you can imagine, I am giving it everything I’ve got. Tell me if you’d like to hear more about my career and my plans or advice?

And so, what are my weekends filled with? Well, I am still overwhelmed by the city in ever aspect so yeah, I admittedly still wander the streets, surrendering to the distraction on every street corner without much plans or places to go. I am happiest when unrestricted by time.

The workdays are extremely lengthy in New York so every moment is precious when you’re not glued to your phone or emails.  I am still on the lookout for the best coffee and so far, FIKA wins for me with Le Pain Quotidien coming close behind. Both are also great places to get some work done in peace, or spend hours on Skype catching up with everyone at home.

There are 24,000 restaurants in New York City, that would mean you could eat in a new place for 65 years of your life, without leaving the city. Although I am not quite there yet, I have tried a few really great places (you may have spotted my mini restaurant reviews on Instagram) I’ll definitely share more with you later however my favorites so far have been by CHLOE and Le Botaniste. Please share any you would recommend trying too!

Of course you have seen my Snapchats from the gym too. I recently joined NYSC which means I can workout at any of the locations across the city. My weekend workouts are most enjoyable since I have more time to really get stuck in! That being said, there is nothing more satisfying than completing a good training session before 9am on a Monday too.

I don’t drink alcohol or watch TV so when I’m not working out or eating, I’m usually with some of the Irish ladies who have moved here also and deserve a follow too:

A little bit about what I am wearing, since it is NWFW after all.

Henri Bendel kindly gifted me this amazing luxury tote, from their new spring collection and it has become part of me ever since. When you’re out for 13 hours a day, you need to bring all the essentials. It’s a lot more spacious that it looks and of course, black goes with everything.

Call me a kid but I will never outgrow polka dots. This cute aline dress from Froccupy is the perfect comfortable outfit that can easily transition into a more glam evening look after a day in the office. Plus, it’s only €25!

Boots, Find similar here & here. Dress Bag, Henri Bendall.

I’ll leave it at that but of course, I would love to hear your feedback on what you want to hear about New York. I promise, there is a foodie post on the way. I just have to find more time to eat all this fun stuff!

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