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Three things I cannot leave my apartment without? Keys, my phone, and my headphones. I love the time I get walking to and from work when I can listen to anything I feel like. Some days I feel like powering through Times Square with Russ on the highest volume possible, other days I opt for an empowering, informative or entertaining podcast.

Every time I share the podcasts with you, I get screenshots which indicates to me you guys are interested in seeing more. Hopefully, this list will come in handy for you and please do shoot me a message if you think I’ve missed out on some of your favorites!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast 

I actually met Lauryn last week in a casual meeting at work (Yes, I do love my job!) and she was just as nice in person. She has always resonated with me because what you see is what you get with her (and her husband, Michael.)

The Skinny Confidential His and Her Show  is easy listening and features interviews with entrepreneurs, tech tips, self-improvement, wellness and other general women’s topics from a male and female perspective.

How I Built This With Guy Raz

Most recently, Guy Raz featured an interview with Starbucks’ ex CEO, Howard Schultz and Bumble founder, Whitney Wolfe.  Guy is also the host of the TED Radio Hour. What more can I say?

The Model Health Show 

Shawn Stevenson is the #1 Health podcast on iTunes and for a good reason. He has been featured on Google Talks, Entrepreneur magazine, Men’s Health magazine, ESPN, FOX News, and so on. Stevenson is passionate about sleep which I find particularly interesting. He challenges the calorie restriction diets, sleep deprivation, and places no emphasis on looking good but rather feeling it. A good one if wellness is your overall arching goal.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience 

Truth be told, I was walking to work one day listening to The Gary Vee Audio Experience and walked into Starbucks to grab my coffee, headphones still engaged. Who do you think was sitting in Starbucks? Gary Vee himself! I froze and thought about turning back around and leaving. I knew if I didn’t go up and introduce myself, I will regret it forever. So I took my earphones out, walked up to him and introduced myself by showing him my phone screen playing his podcast. He was a pleasure, and asked me my name and took the time to say shake my hand (even though I did interrupt his meeting).

Moving on to the subject of his content…

Gary Vee never fails to keep my attention. He’s like Marmite; you either love him or hate him. Vaynerchuk is the CEO of Vaynermedia and is renowned for his bullshit-free daily ‘hustle’.  Gary Vee’s attitude is literally; work your fu*king ass off to get where you need to be. That includes working from 7PM after work – 2AM in the morning, making extreme sacrifices.  He prioritizes delivering valuable content to his listeners, readers, and viewers.

The Fat Burning Man

Abel James delivers a conversational podcast, speaking the truth about health and nutrition and exposes the misleading claims that have been made, leading many people astray. It’s not your average “eat well, look good” nutritional approach. James goes into a deeper learning why we overeat, how to beat cravings, how to fuel athletics and more.

The Tony Robbins Podcast 

Tony Robbins’ influence has been passed down from my father to me.  Although his material is a little “sales-y” sounding and very “living the American dream” style,  he still has a great core message and provides great insight into self-development with a heavier focus on human psychology. Tony is a living legend and has paved the way for inspirational motivators in the current generation.


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