Saying Goodbye To My Blog After 5 Years

After 5 years of work,  I have decided to move on from But, look up at the URL – It’s a new me!

Why? I love blogging and making this transition has left me in the lurch for a few weeks. It killed me not to be able to produce content like I have done every day for the last 5 years. My blog is like my right arm. I could never imagine giving it up, even if no one reads it! I have had technical difficulties with my old blog, which got too frustrating to salvage. I felt comfortable with a fresh start and made the plunge, so here I am; was started by me and a friend, Siofra. We had so much in common but most of all, we had the same ambition. Anyone who has followed me from day one will remember Snapped Up was started by a blonde duo. I don’t know if I ever would have started the blog without Siofra, so I definitely owe her a thank you for the push to get started.

I remember walking into college the next day, after sharing on social media that I had launched a blog. I had invited everyone I’d known to “Like my page on Facebook” and as I walked into that 9AM lecture, I was nervous to see the reaction. I got my fair share of slagging throughout the last 5 years!

My blog has seen a lot in the past 5 years…

Throughout college, I worked in McDonald’s serving burgers and chips and doing all the cleaning jobs no one wants to do.  I loved it. I made so many friends and when my ‘real job’ gets stressful, I wish I could be back working the simple life. I waitressed, babysat and ironed for my family of 5, just to earn any extra few euro I could salvage. I was lucky enough to be raised in a privileged family, but that never hindered my sense of work and pride.

Throughout the unglamorous years of working 7 days a week (not much has changed) and hoping that someday I would ‘leave this town’. Throughout friendships, losses and family breakups. Throughout boys, both good and bad. Throughout my 5 stone weight loss and landing my dream job at the age of 21. Throughout worry, fear and 8 months of counseling. Throughout losing a loved one. Throughout pain and anxiety and throughout learnings. And now, throughout my journey going from living in a town of a mere 6,927 people to finally living in New York City, surrounded by almost 9 million people every day. My blogging continues throughout. has seen the death and rise of me, over and over again and I will continue to document my life, travels, thoughts and anything else I believe to be worth sharing here on And to anyone who has ever read my blog, or liked a social media post of mine – thank you!

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