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The Pros and Cons Of Living In NYC

I couldn’t love New York any more than I do, but like most cities, there is always going to be both good and bad parts of living there. No matter how many rats I see on a weekly basis, how many times I get pushed and shoved on my daily commute or how much I spend on rent every month the pros to living in Manhattan will forever outweigh  the cons.


  • You have everything at your fingertips: Wine delivered to your office, an Uber to collect you within 5 minutes, warm cookies at 4.30am delivered to your door, watching plays in the park, movies on the rooftop in the summer..there is an endless amount of whatever you want no matter what the season.
  • You don’t need a car: Maybe this isn’t a pro for everyone, but my God do I love not having a car and being able to commute on the Subway. I hated driving in Dublin and being stuck in traffic for hours every single day because it really wears you down. My Subway ticket costs me around $120 a month which works out to be pretty cheap too, so yay for accessible public transport.
  • People, people everywhere: You really never know who you can meet! There are 9 million people in NYC and trust me, you meet many different characters on a daily basis. It’s a great eye-opener.
  • Opportunity is endless: This is the land of opportunity. The work I get to experience and the “what could be’s” potentially around the corner is where the thrill lives. You just can’t put a price on the opportunity that living in the Capital of the World brings.
  • So.Much.Food: Some of best food experiences happen in New York City! My Restuarant Guide proves it!
  • Convenience: There is literally an app for everything. You need the toilet while you’re out and about? You can go to the closest fancy toilet and pay through an app to use it. Want your groceries delivered in an hour? Shop and click on I don’t know how I lived with AmazonPrime before I moved here! New Yorkers are all about time so they’ve built a city that works timely (for the most part), which comes with great benefits.


  • Money, money, money: From rent to buying a coffee before work, the cost of living in New York will eat up your funds faster than you would salvage Chinese food with a hangover.
  • Holiday days: You are entitled to a total of ZERO holidays a year. That means no breaks from work. I get ten days off which is normal, plus some federal days thrown in. It adds up to barely anything, especially when you have to take about 5 to visit home at Christmas every year. Add in the fact that you generally work very long hours and you can kiss your freedom goodbye.
  • It’s draining: New York is like a magnet for my energy. Walking everywhere and constantly having to be aware of your surroundings, being on-the-go and working long hours I find very little fuel left in my engine after it all. To be quite frank, I spend most weekends cooped up asleep or somewhat asleep trying to revive myself.
  • Small spaces: I love my apartment but my God is that place small. I allocate a certain spend for rent a month that allows me to live in the middle of where I need to be. If I spent any more on rent I would be miserably broke and wouldn’t be able to afford a Zara splurge now and again. So living in the East Village is exciting, convenient but also very compact. No room for swinging cats.
  • Outdoorsy, but not really outdoorsy: I have never spent so much time outside than I do since I moved to New York… hail, rain or snow I can be found pounding the pavements. That said, I still crave fresh air…like the real fresh air you get in the countryside back home.  So yeah, a field or two of green grass wouldn’t go astray.
  • Groceries:  Big grocery stores aren’t readily available in the city and smaller “food” stores don’t stock any fresh produce whatsoever. While NYC is packed with lots of amazing stuff, you might have to take the subway to get to get to fresh food or do it like and order AmazonFresh.

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